Working Methods

Ms. Hanson's methods follow the established practices of classical technique. She generally requires one formal sitting, at which she will make preliminary sketches. She will also photograph the client at various angles and poses. These reference photographs, in lieu of having the client dedicate several weeks to sitting for the portrait, are employed to augment the sketches and figure studies which precede any finely crafted portrait. This initial sitting will often be accompanied by several compositional elements, so as to obtain a feel for the portrait from the very beginning. Once these studies and reference tools have been completed, the real work now begins in Ms. Hanson's studio, where several weeks of preparation, followed by months of intense effort, will give life to an engaging, intriguing and artistically valuable portrait.

Fee Range

Generally, fees range from $4,000 to $40,000, varying according to medium (studies being toward the lower range, pastels in the middle range, and oils the higher range), size, and number of subjects. Please contact Ms. Hanson for the specifics of the type of portrait that interests you.

Available Works

Ms. Hanson also has an extensive collection of works currently available through this site. To view these works, please click here.


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